Saturday, November 7, 2009


Let us assist you with your Christmas shopping! Purchase $50 worth of products at and receive FREE these lovely, sterling silver earrings!  Earrings are 23mm each in size with a Total Weight of 2.74 grams and retail for at least $25! Hurry while supplies last!

They come beautifully packaged in an elegant, gold bag. We will tuck them into your package of Luscious Lather goodies and send them quickly on their way to you! Surprise someone special with a pair of elegant and classic sterling silver hoops! For FREE!

It is our way of saying Thank You to our Loyal and Wonderful Customers this Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas from Luscious Lather!

Diane & John

Friday, September 18, 2009

Luscious Lather Giveaway Contest Winner!!!

Yay! The winner of the Giveaway Contest has been selected to win this amazing Eye Creme!

Everyone who has tried it, loves it! It is so creamy and light without being greasy, yet it is very effective! It has lots of great feedback and is a wonderful Eye Creme for everybody. 

Every time the participants qualified, they were entered another time. Some people entered only once. some people entered several times, which greatly increased their chances of winning.

I mixed and mixed the names up, over and over. Then I took the bowl to John and he mixed and mixed the names up without looking as he did it, over and over.

And then, without looking, John said a little prayer and pulled a name out of the group and this is the name he selected.

Cherry! Congratulations, Cherry! I will be sending you your Eye Creme on Monday and will include a few additional samples for you to try! Yay!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this Giveaway! It was a lot of fun for me and I hope that you enjoyed it, too.

I will be having another Giveaway very soon, so you will have another chance to participate and win a gift from Luscious Lather! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Luscious Lather Giveaway Contest!

Luscious Lather is having a Giveaway Contest (US and Canada residents only) this week!

I am giving away one Nourishing Undereye Creme to the deserving follower whose name will be selected at random on Friday, September 18 at 4PM, Pacific time.

This is the Eye Creme that is so popular with my customers and is getting excellent feedback!  Customers see a difference after the first use and significant differences in about a week!

To enter, simply become a follower of my blog and then go to my Esty shop, and tell me what your favorite product is. Leave a comment here or convo me at my shop.

You can enter more than once!  To enter again:

~Tell me what your favorite product was that you purchased. (Leave comment)
~Tell me what your favorite free sample was that I sent you. (Leave comment)
~Become a fan on my Facebook Fanpage:
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Be sure to leave a comment each additional time you fulfill the requirement for the entry! The contest starts today, Saturday, September 12.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making a Facial Mask Part 4

When first applied, this creamy mask is a dark reddish-brown. It is soft and easy to apply. It begins drying fairly quickly. It smells divine!

It also has a slight tingling effect, because of the DMAE in it. This lasts for a minute or two. The DMAE and the Moroccan Clay together, are the firming factor in the mask.

I used Moroccan Clay (also known as Rhassoul Clay) because one study results showed that a single use of a Rhassoul Clay mask statistically:

. Reduces dryness (79%)
. Reduces flakiness (41%)
. Improves skin clarity (68%)
. Improves skin elasticity / firmness (24%)
. Improves skin texture (106%)

DMAE is found in foods and can create an almost immediate appearance in the firming and tone of the skin. DMAE is an amazing nutrient that extends the life of cells, inhibits the cross linking of proteins, which gives the skin a tone and firm appearance. The firming results of DMAE usually last about 12 hours or so.

Pro-Vitamin B5 (dl-Panthenol) is a humectant effective at counteracting the dryness that occurs in aging skin and increases the moisture retention capacity of the skin which allows dry skin to stay supple and elastic longer. It is anti-inflammatory and stimulates skin regeneration. Niacinamide and Panthenol improve the condition of the skin's moisture barrier, a function considered by dermatologists as critical to healthy skin.

The mask dried to a pale pinkish-beige and rinsed off easily with water. I applied it to my entire face and left it on about 30 minutes before removing it with warm water and patting it dry. I did not apply any moisturizer afterward. The result?

I see a significant improvement in the tone and clarity of my skin. It looks and feels soft, smooth and  firm! That DMAE is awesome! I love Moroccan Clay, too! My skin is not red, so I see this as an excellent mask to apply before an evening out in which you would like to look your very best and show off your soft, glowing skin! 

This is the Facial Mask to reach for when you want to improve the tone, clarity, texture and firmness of your skin!  You will be able to find this wonderful Firming Facial Mask soon at

Making a Facial Mask Part 3

I am playing around with the essential oils now, adding a little of this and a bit of that, putting in oils that are not only beneficial to the skin, but also creating a pleasant-smelling blend.

This mask is soft and creamy and will rinse off easily. People with mature and dry skin will  be able to use this mask without the irritation a mask that dries very firmly can sometimes produce in more delicate skin.

Now, to try it out!

Check back for Part 4!

Making a Facial Mask Part 2

I have now added more of the dry ingredients to the mix. MSM, Vitamin C, Pro Vitamin B5, allantoin, zinc oxide, white kaolin clay and colloidal oatmeal.

These ingredients provide vitamins which help to nourish the skin, soften it, reduce inflammation and provide very gentle exfoliation, among other things.

All of the dry ingredients are now mixed together and most of the lumps are broken down.

It is now time to add the wet ingredients.  Aloe, neem and rosemary oleoresin are the first to go in. Then preservative and essential oils.

I am keeping a detailed list of everything on my recipe list.  Many of these items are measured in drops.

Now it is time to blend, blend, blend. And tweak the recipe to ensure a very smooth, spreadable consistency.

There is more to come, so check back soon for Part 3!

Making a Facial Mask Part 1

I thought it would be fun for my customers to be able to take part in making a facial mask with me! So consider this your invitation to follow along while I make up a mask recipe, test it and tweak it to improve it. I hope that you will enjoy making a facial mask recipe with me!

The first thing I have done is to disinfect all bowls and utensils that will be used in this process. This involves rinsing clean bowls and measuring spoons, whisks, etc. with a mixture of bleach and water.  They are then rinsed well again with fresh water and dried with fresh paper towels.

All work surfaces are cleaned, then sprayed down with copious amounts of rubbing alcohol and wiped down with fresh paper towels. I have covered mine with fresh paper towels so that you can clearly see all of the various assembled ingredients. I wear non-latex gloves to keep things sanitary when preparing something for my customers.

The first things that I have put into the bowl are Rose Kaolin Clay, Moroccan Clay (also known as Rhassoul Clay) and DMAE. I am making a Firming Facial Mask, so I am going to include ingredients that have firming, soothing and skin-softening properties.

Some of the other ingredients you see next to the bowl are the the two clays and DMAE in bags, neem oil, black willowbark, essential oils, rosemary oleoresin and a paraben-free preservative. I will also be adding aloe juice, alantoin, zinc oxide and some other goodies.

I am writing down the amounts of each ingredient, so that I can easily duplicate and/or adjust the recipe as necessary.  Then, I will test it!  I love that part!  I will make sure that the mask does what it is supposed to do, feels good on the skin, smells wonderful, does not irritate the skin, is creamy and easily spreadable, etc. If anything needs tweaking, I can easily adjust accordingly by referring to my recipe.  I have other willing testers to try things out on as well. When everything seems to be just right, I will make up new labels, package it, photograph and list it.

I will post some new pictures as the recipe progresses -- stay tuned for Part 2!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ultra Detox Aromatheraputic Facial Mask for Oily and Troubled Skin with French Green Clay, MSM, and Zinc

Imported from France, this silky Green Clay is highly efficient at drawing oils and toxins from the skin. I have combined it with Bentonite Clay, another highly absorbent clay that also pulls excess oils and toxins from the skin.

I have also incorporated zinc oxide, which is a mineral that has been used to assist in wound healing as well as allantoin, which is a botanical extract of the comfrey plant, also known to assist skin in its healing process.

Tea tree oil is known to be an effective antiseptic and promotes tissue healing, perfect for preventing blemishes and healing existing ones. Blemishes are essentially wounds and benefit from the presence of these three ingredients which will help the skin to heal more quickly.

This mask is packed with many more ingredients, each of which contributes to the detoxification and healing of your skin.  This mask is specially formulated for Oily, Blemished, Combination and Normal skin. It should be used once a week for best results.

I have used a synergistic blend of essential oils in this mask which together, bring a host of aromatheraputic benefits to oily skin and acne. They also smell positively divine! It is so relaxing, it just may soothe a headache, too! Blue Lavender, Cedarwood, Palmarosa, Rosemary, Rosewood, and Sage.

I also offer a Detox Facial Mask which is great for all skin types. Both of these masks and many other fine facial care products can be found at my online store, Please stop by!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

AHA Facial Toner with Organic Multiple Fruit Acids Blend and Essential Oils - 98 Percent Organic, Paraben Free

Brighten your complexion when you sluff off dead skin cells! This Alpha Hydroxy Toner will leave your skin looking bright and refreshed as it removes dead skin cells and excess oils after cleansing.
This clear AHA Toner is clear and very lightly scented from the organic fruit extracts it contains. Although this AHA Toner is very gentle, it is NOT for sensitive skin types.
The Organic Multiple Fruit Acids Tinture in this refreshing toner contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s). The AHA’s are water soluble components of the Multiple Fruits which maximize the stimulation of cell renewal while minimizing irritation associated with the use of topical alpha hydroxy acids.
Skin Types: Acneic, Mature, Dry, Sun damaged, Oily, Normal and Combination skins.
Find this toner and others at!

7 Piece Travel or Try Me Kit with Cute Cosmetic Bag with Convenient Carrying Handle and Spatula - You Choose Scent

This adorable kit includes a Gentle Conditioning Shampoo, a Gentle Moisturizing Conditioner, a Gentle Foaming Bath and Shower Gel, a Luscious Lotion with Avocado & Shea and a Foaming Body Scrub. Each is a smaller size of my popular products in larger sizes. It gives you the chance to try out the products, or take them in convenient sizes with you on the road or overnight.
The entire set comes in a darling clear vinyl, reusable cosmetic case, complete with a zippered top and a convenient handle! A spa-quality spatula is also included and is perfectly sized to scoop out just the right amount of the scrub!
The cute vinyl cosmetic case can be recycled into a perfect case for the beach, travel, gym bag, car or mini handbag. It is a rectangular box and helps to keep items upright.
I will scent this pretty group with whatever fragrance you desire -- or leave it unscented, if you prefer. Please check my Shop Policies page for a current list of available scents. I will also color it or leave it color free to your liking. Here is the link to my Shop Policies page:
Got to to see this great Travel Kit and even more wonderful goodies! ♥

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Extra Moisturizing Facial Lotion with Jojoba Oil and Aloe, 87 Percent Organic, Vegan

I listed a brand new lotion today! This thick white lotion is perfect for normal to dry, dry and sensitive skin! It is 87% Organic, Vegan and filled with luscious ingredients your thirsty skin will drink up! It smells fantastic unscented (it has a very light, inherent scent) or can have fragrance added as desired.
I also love it on my hands because it just seems to perfectly hydrate and nourish the skin. This may also be used on the body (I did) and would be great for mature, dry, normal, oily, sensitive and combination skin types.
Find it at

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Detox Facial Mask with MSM, Vitamin C and Walnut Shell Powder - Good for All Skins, all Natural, Vegan

I am in love with this mask! My skin is more clear and soft, pores are just seems so much more fresh and healthy.

I use two tiny scoops and add a bit of warm water. After spreading it on my face in a thin and even layer, I can prop up my feet and relax on the couch. It's dry in 10 minutes, so if I'm in a hurry, I can have glowing skin in minutes.

I usually leave it on a bit longer, because it is pulling toxins from my skin and is packed with vitamin C and MSM, both of which are doing wonders for my skin. I wet my face with warm water and massage the mask lightly and let the very gentle walnut shell powder exfoliate and smooth my skin. After a minute or so, I just rinse it off, use toner and a serum. My skin is glowing and fresh and beautiful! You can find this wonderful Detox Facial Mask here:

Monday, June 15, 2009

This is What His Heart Looks Like

He never cried, he never complained, not even once. He just sat quietly and hung his head while his arm was torn open and bleeding. My sweet and gentle Baby Buttercup. I have got to be more like him! ♥

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jack Gets Attacked

He just wanted to say "hi" to some passerbys. Who happened to be dogs.
Jack was not on a leash and wouldn't listen to John as he called to Jack to come back. But being the sweet and friendly guy he is, he went up to the two dogs to say hi to them and was immediately attacked and bitten. An ugly fight ensued and then stopped as quickly as it had started. I'm not sure how the other guy looks, but this is how my little sweetie looks. He's getting stitches tomorrow to close the gaping wound in his arm. He's taking antibiotics and limping and not complaining.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is Why I Cannot Blog Tonight

This is the reason why I cannot blog tonight. A certain somebody needs to cuddle. Who am I to argue? I will come back soon to do more. I have added some new photos and a new background. I'd like to say more, but I am required on the couch to cuddle and comb. How can I argue with that?

Friday, February 20, 2009

What I Gave Away Free This Week

These are just a few of the free gifts people received this just this week when they BOGO'd at my etsy shop, Sugar Sparkle, Turkish Mocha, Black Amber & Lavender, Turqoise Teardrops and Vanilla Bean.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yay - I'm in a Treasury!

These are recent treasuries that I was included in -- how exciting! I have to learn how to do one...and take better screenshots of them... :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Heart Scrubbies by

Look at how adorable these facial heart scrubbies are that Anatasia made for me! She is a dear friend that I met on the CAST Team on Etsy. I am offering these cute scrubbies with my heart soaps in your choice of five fragrances. The scrubbies are made of 100% cotton yarn which has a wonderful texture that is perfect for gentle exfoliation and superior cleansing. They are so soft and have such a pretty pattern! Anyone who tries these scrubbies falls in love with how well they work and how gently they treat your skin. I have to admit, I have become a big fan of these! They work great on my skin!
You can find more of these crocheted scrubbies and even more beautiful things at Anastasia's shop: She has hats, soap savers and the most darling baby sweaters and even more. She is constantly adding new things to her shop, so it is always fresh full of great finds. Wait until you see her valentine cards! They are so unique and show off her versatile talent very well! ♥

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday and it is sunny and 52 degrees here (yay!).
This photo is from a shoot I did near Moab, Utah at Dead Horse Point. (Don't ask, the story about how it got named does not have a happy ending for those horses.) I didn't like that part at all, but the valley is gigantic and all the walls are layers and layers of the most beautiful colors: shades of teal, turquoise, blue, green, tan, yellow, reds. I loved it!
I was standing up on a big rock and looking out over the valley and freezing. there is a crew guy and one of the cars behind me. It had snowed there, was windy and I didn't bring a warm enough coat and had to go buy long underwear at the store in town. I remember that everyone served French Roast coffee, which I drank in copious amounts. It is a great town and it was a lot of fun shooting our cars there.
I have been so blessed to be able to travel to so many beautiful places in my career as a producer. You usually shoot cars in beautiful locations and that was a real bonus! The 18-20 hour days were somewhat difficult, but the scenery sure was nice!
Well, I am off to run some errands, ship out some soaps and enjoy my day! I hope all of you are enjoying yours as well.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine Hearts

Someone sweet included my Three of Hearts in Red Valentine soap in this collection of some of the finest artists on Etsy. They are my kindred spirits. Thank you Lucy of! :)