Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Detox Facial Mask with MSM, Vitamin C and Walnut Shell Powder - Good for All Skins, all Natural, Vegan

I am in love with this mask! My skin is more clear and soft, pores are smaller...it just seems so much more fresh and healthy.

I use two tiny scoops and add a bit of warm water. After spreading it on my face in a thin and even layer, I can prop up my feet and relax on the couch. It's dry in 10 minutes, so if I'm in a hurry, I can have glowing skin in minutes.

I usually leave it on a bit longer, because it is pulling toxins from my skin and is packed with vitamin C and MSM, both of which are doing wonders for my skin. I wet my face with warm water and massage the mask lightly and let the very gentle walnut shell powder exfoliate and smooth my skin. After a minute or so, I just rinse it off, use toner and a serum. My skin is glowing and fresh and beautiful! You can find this wonderful Detox Facial Mask here:

Monday, June 15, 2009

This is What His Heart Looks Like

He never cried, he never complained, not even once. He just sat quietly and hung his head while his arm was torn open and bleeding. My sweet and gentle Baby Buttercup. I have got to be more like him! ♥

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jack Gets Attacked

He just wanted to say "hi" to some passerbys. Who happened to be dogs.
Jack was not on a leash and wouldn't listen to John as he called to Jack to come back. But being the sweet and friendly guy he is, he went up to the two dogs to say hi to them and was immediately attacked and bitten. An ugly fight ensued and then stopped as quickly as it had started. I'm not sure how the other guy looks, but this is how my little sweetie looks. He's getting stitches tomorrow to close the gaping wound in his arm. He's taking antibiotics and limping and not complaining.