Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making a Facial Mask Part 2

I have now added more of the dry ingredients to the mix. MSM, Vitamin C, Pro Vitamin B5, allantoin, zinc oxide, white kaolin clay and colloidal oatmeal.

These ingredients provide vitamins which help to nourish the skin, soften it, reduce inflammation and provide very gentle exfoliation, among other things.

All of the dry ingredients are now mixed together and most of the lumps are broken down.

It is now time to add the wet ingredients.  Aloe, neem and rosemary oleoresin are the first to go in. Then preservative and essential oils.

I am keeping a detailed list of everything on my recipe list.  Many of these items are measured in drops.

Now it is time to blend, blend, blend. And tweak the recipe to ensure a very smooth, spreadable consistency.

There is more to come, so check back soon for Part 3!

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