Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Pet Spray Coming Soon!

I will be offering a NEW Pet Spray in my shop soon so that you can keep your pampered fur babies smelling fresh and sweet in between their baths. This new Pet Spray will be a great addition to the Vegan Pet Shampoo I currently carry. The Shampoo is pH balanced for a pet's skin and will help to keep their sensitive skin healthy and prevent dryness. The Pet Spray helps to keep their coats soft and smelling great.

You will be able to order whatever fragrance you like from my current list. I also have an essential oil blend that is safe for DOGS ONLY and will help to repel fleas. It smells very fresh and works great!  Remember to NEVER use essential oils on or around your cats! They are highly toxic to cats. Keep essential oil based products out of reach of your children so that the cat is not accidentally exposed to the essential oils. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Natural Deodorant with Organic Coconut Oil in Your Choice of Designer Fragrance

After several customers asked... and asked... I decided to list my Natural Deodorant for them. They LOVE it!

I have made several recipes for this and I love this one the best! It is a wonderful alternative to harsh (and often dangerous) chemicals found in most store-bought products and this one is extremely effective against odor!

This is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, so you will sweat a little bit, especially at first as your body adjusts. Most people switching for the first time from an antiperspirant find that they tend to sweat less after the first few days.

It is smooth and creamy without being greasy and contains only natural ingredients that are soothing to the skin. I have been using natural deodorants (my own recipe) for over a year now and this one works extremely well. I think you will love it!  Check out my shop at or to purchase. I will also have it soon on my other websites: and

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keep Calm Anti-Stress Balm Aromatherapy

Ever have a day where nothing seems to go right? I know - silly question. Me, too!  I have a wonderful and natural solution to "those" kind of days. It's my new Keep Calm Anti-Stress Balm, which uses aromatherapy to quickly help you deal with all sorts of stress-causing situations.

Soothe away tension, stress and headaches with this aromatic balm. It is infused with numerous essential oils, all designed to help calm you, relieve headaches and stress. When PMS, lack of sleep or cranky co-workers frazzle your nerves, reach for your Keep Calm Balm!

It is light and non non-greasy as it absorbs quickly into your skin. apply it at your temples, head or neck for quick relief. You are going to LOVE it!