Monday, February 2, 2009

My Birthday!

Today is my birthday and it is sunny and 52 degrees here (yay!).
This photo is from a shoot I did near Moab, Utah at Dead Horse Point. (Don't ask, the story about how it got named does not have a happy ending for those horses.) I didn't like that part at all, but the valley is gigantic and all the walls are layers and layers of the most beautiful colors: shades of teal, turquoise, blue, green, tan, yellow, reds. I loved it!
I was standing up on a big rock and looking out over the valley and freezing. there is a crew guy and one of the cars behind me. It had snowed there, was windy and I didn't bring a warm enough coat and had to go buy long underwear at the store in town. I remember that everyone served French Roast coffee, which I drank in copious amounts. It is a great town and it was a lot of fun shooting our cars there.
I have been so blessed to be able to travel to so many beautiful places in my career as a producer. You usually shoot cars in beautiful locations and that was a real bonus! The 18-20 hour days were somewhat difficult, but the scenery sure was nice!
Well, I am off to run some errands, ship out some soaps and enjoy my day! I hope all of you are enjoying yours as well.

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