Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Letter from a Customer ♥

We all work very hard at our chosen careers, including online shops. Most of what we do goes unnoticed by everyone, except our families, who notice our absence, miss us and need us. Despite our best efforts, there always seems to be something left to finish. We take great care with each product and go to great lengths to satisfy our customers. Many of us find ourselves in a constant whirlwind of activity, doing things for others, attempting to achieve perfection in all of our efforts.

For all of you who feel under-appreciated, know this: Someone is noticing all of your long hours and appreciating everything that you do.  They just do not always say so.  They may tell everyone except you. Although this letter was written to me, allow this letter to nourish your spirit and realize that it is also a letter of appreciation to you. I can guarantee you that these very sentiments that have been expressed here in this thoughtful and beautiful letter, have been expressed about you, too. Take a moment to be appreciated and be embraced by its message!


I was on vacation when your lovely package arrived.  WOW! I don't know what to say.  You went above and beyond.  Is there somewhere on your web site when I can say what a terrific seller you've been.

In the mean time, upon my return, I did fill in all the details on your lovely products. My sister (a first grade teacher) tells me that her pits smell of birthday cake, even at the end of the day. So, many many thanks.  Oh...and I'll include a write-up that I hope you can include:

"Diane is among my favorite sellers on Etsy, and I'm a frequent user of the site.  The reasons are simple.  She clearly cares about designing terrific products that work well and are customized for each buyer.  I was so impressed by her willingness to design great perfumes that were strong, moisturizing, and made to order (plus, my fragrances were phalate-free).  With respect to the natural deodorant, my sister tells me that it's stellar and lasts all day.  The lip glosses are equally lovely - moisturizing and smell great. Overall, the experience has been wonderful."


  1. What a wonderful compliment! Bless her heart for making your day! =) You just made my day by sharing it with us! =)


  2. You're welcome, Char! I am glad that you were blessed by it, too!

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